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Get ready for your career in professional roller derby with the NRDL’s sponsored training program. Each student will go through a 4-phase training program to go from basic skills up to advanced drills and ending with competing on a professional level with various leagues & organizations.

Phase 1

Every student will begin by attending an orientation class which will cover multiple topics including:

  • Roller Derby History
  • Equipment & Maintenance
  • Rules & Safety
  • Basic Skating Maneuvers & Braking
  • Basic Conditioning

Phase 2

The second phase will heavily focus on technique and physical conditioning . Students must be able to properly demonstrate lifts and complete various weight lifting and circuit training drills to prepare for competition along with advancing with skating technique.

Phase 3

This portion of the training will teach you all the fundamentals of positions and roles of players, rule-sets and basic scrimmages. In addition students will begin advanced skills & conditioning regimens.

Phase 4

The final phase of training will bring together everything you have learned and incorporating your skills into amateur competitions and scrimmages. At the end of this phase students will receive their jersey, speak at a presser and be listed as available for competitions. Players may now compete under NRDL, ARDL, & Rink Warriors events.

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